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Where is home?
Is it that place you can laugh your heart out as you involuntarily release flatulence?
Is it that place you return to and leave all your burdens at the door to smile and dine with relations?
Or is it that place you are guaranteed to come back to a warm bed, Where even your nightmares feel safe to play?

Why do you travel so far just to visit home? Surely you have left behind a better neighbourhood and dear friends.
Is it the ancestral connection, knowing that your own kind has lived there for hundreds of years?
A place where you can see yourself in other people. Features you possess that are labelled unique back in the city- Complexion, nose, height, lips, bald forehead, loud or timid-are all common traits at home. And yet they have a better comprehension of those distinct characters that individualizes your being.

Where is home to those on the move, those who had to leave their first home and yet are rejected in their second home?
Those who bore children in this place that don’t answer when they call it home?
Where should those children call home?
Do you enjoy your home?
Do you love it?
They did not want us to enjoy our home
They threw things on us while we were asleep.
They refused us to dance
They refused us to sing
They refused us to choose who our minds thought could lead
They refused us to love who our hearts chose to love.

If you do not have shelter and can only cover yourself with memories of your previous house, are your memories your home?
Are the smiles you receive, the gifts you exchange, the jokes you share, the hugs you embrace, the hands you hold, home?

When a human is left without food, without school or without clothing,
The only thing they can wear is their dignity
This is why I came to your home
Your home protects my dignity
I am here
I chose your home
And now
I choose your home

Do you choose me?

Please choose me.

About Aroji Otieno

Observing - LIVING - Feeling

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